Airplay Monitoring

A reliable solution for tracking broadcast appearance

MusicDNA Radio

Audio Recognition

A robust and fast solution for portable devices


Advertisement Tracking

Specialized solution for support of marketing campaigns

MusicDNA Ads

MusicDNA Radio

Radio channels are important markets for all kinds of players involved in music: Be it research agencies in need of insightful data, record labels eager to find out how often a particular song is broadcast or marketers interested in optimizing their spending – all of them rely on nothing less than facts in order to build their strategies.

This is why MusicDNA provides live monitoring reports of pre-selected radio channels which are fully customizable and easily accessible via a web interface. They can be used to forecast incoming revenues from music broadcasting or to intelligently optimize music marketing spending, for instance.

The solution stands out due to its speed and scalability. Thanks to high-performance technology, it can analyze and index radio channels according to music style and mood. Not only does MusicDNA Radio facilitate easy navigation through channels: On any radio device, it can instantly display which songs and artists are played on air.

The MusicDNA airplay monitoring solution has been designed for radio stations, music labels, artists, collecting societies, automotive infotainment providers, device manufacturers, app developers, music services or market research agencies looking for a reliable, cost-effective and flexible solution.

Audio Analysis

Benefits of MusicDNA Radio

  • cost-effective solution
  • fully customizable service and reports
  • live reporting
  • results from more than 28 million songs – constantly growing
  • optional speech/music discrimination available


MusicDNA ID is an easy to integrate cost effective fast and robust audio identification solution that is powerful enough to support portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. It recognizes the music being played and returns the appropriate metadata such as song, album and artist name or in the extensive version, even the mood or similar songs.

MusicDNA ID an be deployed as a 24/7 service or stand alone solution. SDK’s are available for iOS and Android and the existing MusicDNA ID app can be easily re-skinned to fit your brand and requirements.

The MusicDNA ID on device audio identification solution is designed for device manufacturer, app developer, music services, artists, music labels, agencies, lifestyle brands or game developers who would like to integrate a high quality music recognition function for a reasonable price.

Benefits of MusicDNA ID

  • cost effective solution
  • easy integration via existing SDK’s and re-skinning of existing app
  • available as 24/7 service or stand alone solution
  • fast and robust audio identification
  • results from more than 28 million songs – constantly growing
  • the result list contains the position of the query snippet within the song
  • optional speech/music discrimination available


TV and Radio are the most important mass media for the distribution of advertisement. Our fully automated advertisement monitoring is based on the MusicDNA ID fingerprinting. It delivers live and exact to the second from when to when and on which channel a spot was transmitted. This enables not only the verification of booked air time but also the synchronization and linkage of the spots with mobile and web based advertisement (online extension) as well as the surveillance of the competitors and the instant reaction on competing spots.

Advantages AdsDNA

  • Fully automated measuring based on MusicDNA fingerprinting
  • Bookable worldwide on all active MusicDNA Radio channels
  • Real time online access and reporting
  • Access via web API (in preparation)